As you may all know, October is right behind that weekend-corner and I thought it would be nice to participate in the (digital) Inktober event.

Well yeah, you’re usually supposed to be working with ink and paper and in fact I own both of those (although my roommate consumes more paper for her homework than Kirby at an all-you-can-eat-buffet), but I don’t have any technological ways to upload anything made in the realm of reality.


“But why don’t you use your phone, cam, printer, dfnlsngklfhjgnskgnmv”

– No phone camera, cause I dared to buy a windows phone years ago and it won’t die + it has the literal quality of a potato stamp

– I don’t own a normal camera or to be honest, my newest camera is maybe 15 years old sooooo I refer to the first point

– Printer… it’s been a long time since I had one of those. One day it was covered in dust, mostly because I never used it, then it grow legs and ran away

I think you get the idea.

That means I make my artworks during this month digital as usual, but only black and white (comic pages excluded).

Alright then, HAPPY INKTOBER!